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We’re all in the queue for the arms of Death, but while Life’s yanking us back we might as well pass the time with a few reads… My name’s Eulalia Tan and in case you didn’t already know, this is your new home…you’ll be here a lot *wink wink*

The Angst over Abortion

I was asked about this topic by some friends a while ago…in fact I’ve been asked about this topic many times before (mainly because everyone finds my alternative views so fasicnating for some reason) and I was, as you would by boys,  bombarded with questions. My stance has been and will always be against abortion. I was attacked with questions like “even if you were raped??” And “what if you were carrying the antichrist??” Probably inspired by some horror movie like ‘The Omen’. But anyway, i thought it would be good to share with you my views on the matter.

First of all, it’s probably important to note that I identify as an unorthodox Christian and so my every action and thought in life is forever relevant to God. So here’s MY reasons; 

1. I don’t care who you are, you could be Hitler for all I care, ALL lives must be preserved until God says its time to die. Its not your decision

2. Yh yh ok so its a ball of cells…soooo?????!!! The very fact that those cells are there means it’s God’s intention to have a life so ahahah sorry but that baby is stayin’alive

3. Okkk so if it’s the antichrist *rolls eyes* I’ll totally abort because its not God’s intention obviously. Honestly.

4. Here comes the awful one…Even if I was raped. Yh ok. Maybe I Probably wouldn’t keep the child but that child will live. Queen Mary (Virgin Mary) should be a prime example for all Christians no matter the denomination or if like me, you dnt conform. She didn’t want a baby, she knew she would shunned but God gave it to her and she took it like a true servant of God. She was pure and she was good. We must strive to be like her. Plus…it’s not the baby’s fault as to how it was conceived. Are you saying children of rape deserved to be aborted?

5. So I get the whole ‘my body my choice’ but let’s think about it from my point of view for a second. Whatever child I bear into this world, no matter how heart-breaking, no matter how sad, does NOT belong to me. We are the children, the creations and belongings of the Almighty Creator. Whether we live or die is in his hands. It’s my job to look after my child, to be their guardian but make no mistake, they do not belong to me. Do you think Mary was thinking ‘my body belongs to me’? Clearly not because God put little Christ in there didn’t He?

6. Just no. Just NO. You do not have the RIGHT to tell God when he can and cannot bring life into the world

7. Last of all, what if its got major disabilities and will die shortly after birth? You better believe readers that I will give birth to that child no matter what. Every second of its existence was relevant to the story God is writing somehow and its not my job to know, my job is to ensure God’s will BE DONE. Thanj you very much.

So…that rant is over, I do apologise if it got a little intense, I have very strong faith. But here’s where I invite you all. Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree and why. It’d be interesting to hear non-religious reasons for my view and even arguments supprting abortion. Could you succeed in changing my mind? Probably not but everyone should always be aware of both sides of a debate otherwise the world stays close-minded.

Don’t leave me hanging!

High Fives Forever; Eulalia Tan


“When do you feel lonely?” — BayArt

I was watching a show out of pure boredom when one of the characters posed this question, “When do you feel lonely?” And that question took me by surprise. It wasn’t so much of the question ITSELF that caught me off-guard but rather how a part of me desperately wanted to answer that question, to…

via “When do you feel lonely?” — BayArt


Benevolent Beings

Hey Readers,

I’ve been thinking for a while; for a long while…Why don’t we help people? Why do we think it’s okay not to help people? Think about it.

How many times have you walked down the street and seen a woman drop her purse or seen someone even fall over? And you just…walked on by. “It’s okay. They’ll sort it out themselves” but it’s NOT okay. I’m still kicking myself over an incident in London were I witnessed a woman drop her pram and a little force inside me attempted to move my body toward her and yet another force, a stronger force, kept me straight, kept me walking straight on by. I told myself that day that the next time I ever see anything like that I WILL go over, I WILL help, I WILL be different. But what is it that stops us?


Now as a Christian, I would love to delve deep into the realm of ‘The Golden Rule’ but how about for the sake of the diversity of humanity, I dive into another pool more relevant to all: Psychology, and man does Psychology have answers for us all.

March 27, 1964, Martin Gansberg wrote an article in the New York Times about the the murder of Kitty Genovese. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t but it never fails to horrify all.kittygenovese

To make a long story short, Catherine ‘Kitty’ Genovese was a young 28 year old woman in Queens who at about 3:20 A.M. noticed a man at the far end of the lot. The man caught up to her and grabbed her in front of a bookstore. She screamed. As she screamed, Martin Gansberg reports that a man in an apartment house called down “Let that girl alone!” But the man did nothing after. The killer came after Kitty again and stabbed her, she clearly screamed “I’m dying!” twice and no-one came to her aid. At 3:35 A.M. a city bus passed. Miss Genovese was crawling to an apartment house and the killer stabbed her a third time “fatally” is the word Mr Gansberg uses. At 3:50 A.M. the police recei
ved their first call from a neighbour. The caller, a 70 year old woman and one other female wee the only people who came forward. Over a 35 minute period of Miss Genovese screaming and dying. When these people were asked about what happened they gave responses like “I didn’t want my husband to get involved”, “I was tired…I went back to bed” .

Psychologists have been baffled for a long time about  how it is that humans manage to do such terrible things. Maybe you’ve heard of Milgram (1963) where 40 male participants in America were deceived into thinking that they were performing an experiment on the effects of punishment on learning. They were to electrocute (not for real…not that they knew that) a person behind screen that they could not see but could hear (they could hear screaming) for the sake of psychology. None were forced to continue and yet 100% of the participants continued to administer electric shocks 300 volts and 60% continued up to 450 volts, enough to kill a man. They were sweating and panicking and yet with the simple prod of “Please continue” .  (You can learn more about this study at it gives a full detailed explanation with a video too)



I have one more story to tell on this topic. Maybe you thought these examples were extreme and unlikely. Perhaps they are.  But here’s one closer to home. I have a friend, a close who told me a story that I’ll never forger.

It was some years ago so she was about 13 perhaps and it was nighttime. She and her sister were aware that a man across the street was in the habit of beating his wife. But on this particular night, they took the fight outside. He beat her in the street and she was screaming. My friend and her little sister witnessed this through their bedroom window. Some time past and an unknown neighbour called the police. The police came driving past and the man hid behind a bush. The police searched and searched and did not find him. My friend and her sister could see the man from their bedroom window. All they had to do was walk out of their house and point to the bush. But they did not and the police drove away. The man, to this day, still walks free and continues his abusive antics. I asked my friend, why didn’t you tell the police? She replied “My mum would have been upset that I wasn’t asleep” and “what if he got out of jail and came for me?” . I was appalled.

The truth is, ‘evil triumphs when good men do nothing’ is not just a passing saying, it’s very real and it’s very now. But let’s not think about evil right now, let’s just think about doing the right thing. You know what I’m going to do? I’m to make damn sure that every time someone needs help, I am that one who helps. I will not partake in the diffusion of responsibility, I will come forward and do my part as a human being on this Earth we share. Will you join me? You see if everyone was willing to die for everyone, no-one would die. If everyone helped everyone, I’m pretty sure we’d be seeing the Garden of Eden once again.

So if you’ve made it to the end of this rant, I want you to do something, not for me but for the world. I want you to be good, I want there to be light radiating out of you, I want you to be a Benevolent Being. Start small, do one good deed everyday but don’t proclaim it, don’t advertise it. Something small, something quick, something good.

Be a Benevolent Being, because who else is going to do it?

High Fives Forever; Eulalia Tan




Your Calling

Hey Readers,

I’m a little…a LOT nervous because this is my first ever blog after Fate smacked me in the face with the sudden realization of what I’m meant to do with this tiresome, bothersome thing we called life. And to be really honest, and I always am, I felt the need to ensure no-one ever makes the same mistakes I did.

I’m a Writer, it’s who i am and its who I’ve always been. But the world doesn’t recognize the intelligence of all, the world wants Mathematicians and Analysts, it wants Computing Geniuses and Mad Scientists with mad ideas. So little old me was frightened of the world because the world did not seem to recognize those whose talent was in the right hand side of the brain instead of the left (and yes I now that’s not scientifically correct)


So from a young age, I trained myself to be what the world wanted so that I could have a future. I made myself good at science and maths but it was never good enough. I could never be the best because it wasn’t me. But can you guess what I WAS good at? English, French, Spanish etc etc everything to do with language, with linguistics, with words. You’d have thought it would have been like a banshee screaming in my face; “YOU ARE A WRITER”. But still no. I was deaf to life’s calling. I entered Public Speaking Competitions, words flowed into my head like art. I wrote poetry, I even started writing a novel…several novels. And I enjoyed it. This is 2016, what teenage freak of nature actually enjoys writing and appreciates poetry? Uh I dunno Eulalia maybe a WRITER? I took Chemistry even to AS Level and sweated and sweated. I did not succeed. It was then that I had to face the music. That I had ruined everything. That I had to continue a life of misery in which I was in a mathematical world in which I did nto belong. But Fate was on my side. I had taken English Literature to the very end, my love for the subject would never abandon me.


So what did I do next? I made the decision to take life by the throat and become what I am. I’ll be a writer even to my last breath and I’ll proclaim it to the world that tells us that that only scientists are respected in this world. So I guess here I am, proclaiming it to the world.

But let’s get back to you. Do you know who you are are or who you’re meant to be? You see it’s in the little things. When you listen to music, do you listen to the beat or to the lyrics? What do you love that you keep to yourself? What catches your eye when you walk in a room? It’s the little things in life that are lost in translation, some are screaming at you and some are whispering but please, please, never let it fade away.



High Fives Forever; Eulalia Tan

Making a Difference

Hey readers,
Today I’m writing to tell you about something that really touched my heart.

A friend of mine with her sister has started up a charity named I AM THE FUTURE OF NIGERIA and it is one of the single most amazing things I have witnessed from someone so young and yet so mature.

The charity seeks to empower the youths of Nigeria and ensure that they get the future that the youths of the first world so gracefully take for granted. Renée Okocha and Zara Okocha are young authors, illustrators and the founders of the organization. And they are not passive hypocrites throwing money at the situation. No. Together they visited the IDP camp in Abuja (Internationally Displaced Person’s Camp)… you know the place that is dealing with awful situations like Boko Haram (that terrible happening that everyone forgot when it went out of fashon to care).

The Okocha sisters visited the Children’s Abandoned Home in Enugu and have speeches at the First Lady of Enugu’s school project. And they didn’t just stand there and talk. They donated. A sign of a charity that is worth supporting is one where the founders themselves are getting their hands dirty for the good of the world.

Their Book-A-Shelf initiative aims to inspire youths to write stories for children in need of books. These books go straight to the shelves of the schools and communities of the low income areas.

I call now to young black youths especially. Think about how people view our beautiful continent; a place of poverty and despair. You know this is not always the case  you know. You don’t have to be Nigerian to support this charity. I’m not Nigerian, but you know what I  am?  I am a black individual saddened by the extremity of the lack of respect the rest of the world has for our beautiful continent. So don’t stand there in sadness, smile and help make a difference. See what you can do to help.


Watch the inspirational videos of young intelligent Nigerian youths or at least spread the message and repost 

Phone +447912944085 for more information

With 1100 copies already published,  don’t let this stop. Let it grow.

High Fives Forever; Eulalia Tan

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