I was asked about this topic by some friends a while ago…in fact I’ve been asked about this topic many times before (mainly because everyone finds my alternative views so fasicnating for some reason) and I was, as you would by boys,  bombarded with questions. My stance has been and will always be against abortion. I was attacked with questions like “even if you were raped??” And “what if you were carrying the antichrist??” Probably inspired by some horror movie like ‘The Omen’. But anyway, i thought it would be good to share with you my views on the matter.


First of all, it’s probably important to note that I identify as an unorthodox Christian and so my every action and thought in life is forever relevant to God. So here’s MY reasons; 

1. I don’t care who you are, you could be Hitler for all I care, ALL lives must be preserved until God says its time to die. Its not your decision

2. Yh yh ok so its a ball of cells…soooo?????!!! The very fact that those cells are there means it’s God’s intention to have a life so ahahah sorry but that baby is stayin’alive

3. Okkk so if it’s the antichrist *rolls eyes* I’ll totally abort because its not God’s intention obviously. Honestly.

4. Here comes the awful one…Even if I was raped. Yh ok. Maybe I Probably wouldn’t keep the child but that child will live. Queen Mary (Virgin Mary) should be a prime example for all Christians no matter the denomination or if like me, you dnt conform. She didn’t want a baby, she knew she would shunned but God gave it to her and she took it like a true servant of God. She was pure and she was good. We must strive to be like her. Plus…it’s not the baby’s fault as to how it was conceived. Are you saying children of rape deserved to be aborted?

5. So I get the whole ‘my body my choice’ but let’s think about it from my point of view for a second. Whatever child I bear into this world, no matter how heart-breaking, no matter how sad, does NOT belong to me. We are the children, the creations and belongings of the Almighty Creator. Whether we live or die is in his hands. It’s my job to look after my child, to be their guardian but make no mistake, they do not belong to me. Do you think Mary was thinking ‘my body belongs to me’? Clearly not because God put little Christ in there didn’t He?

6. Just no. Just NO. You do not have the RIGHT to tell God when he can and cannot bring life into the world

7. Last of all, what if its got major disabilities and will die shortly after birth? You better believe readers that I will give birth to that child no matter what. Every second of its existence was relevant to the story God is writing somehow and its not my job to know, my job is to ensure God’s will BE DONE. Thanj you very much.

So…that rant is over, I do apologise if it got a little intense, I have very strong faith. But here’s where I invite you all. Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree and why. It’d be interesting to hear non-religious reasons for my view and even arguments supprting abortion. Could you succeed in changing my mind? Probably not but everyone should always be aware of both sides of a debate otherwise the world stays close-minded.

Don’t leave me hanging!

High Fives Forever; Eulalia Tan