Hey Readers,

I’m a little…a LOT nervous because this is my first ever blog after Fate smacked me in the face with the sudden realization of what I’m meant to do with this tiresome, bothersome thing we called life. And to be really honest, and I always am, I felt the need to ensure no-one ever makes the same mistakes I did.

I’m a Writer, it’s who i am and its who I’ve always been. But the world doesn’t recognize the intelligence of all, the world wants Mathematicians and Analysts, it wants Computing Geniuses and Mad Scientists with mad ideas. So little old me was frightened of the world because the world did not seem to recognize those whose talent was in the right hand side of the brain instead of the left (and yes I now that’s not scientifically correct)


So from a young age, I trained myself to be what the world wanted so that I could have a future. I made myself good at science and maths but it was never good enough. I could never be the best because it wasn’t me. But can you guess what I WAS good at? English, French, Spanish etc etc everything to do with language, with linguistics, with words. You’d have thought it would have been like a banshee screaming in my face; “YOU ARE A WRITER”. But still no. I was deaf to life’s calling. I entered Public Speaking Competitions, words flowed into my head like art. I wrote poetry, I even started writing a novel…several novels. And I enjoyed it. This is 2016, what teenage freak of nature actually enjoys writing and appreciates poetry? Uh I dunno Eulalia maybe a WRITER? I took Chemistry even to AS Level and sweated and sweated. I did not succeed. It was then that I had to face the music. That I had ruined everything. That I had to continue a life of misery in which I was in a mathematical world in which I did nto belong. But Fate was on my side. I had taken English Literature to the very end, my love for the subject would never abandon me.


So what did I do next? I made the decision to take life by the throat and become what I am. I’ll be a writer even to my last breath and I’ll proclaim it to the world that tells us that that only scientists are respected in this world. So I guess here I am, proclaiming it to the world.

But let’s get back to you. Do you know who you are are or who you’re meant to be? You see it’s in the little things. When you listen to music, do you listen to the beat or to the lyrics? What do you love that you keep to yourself? What catches your eye when you walk in a room? It’s the little things in life that are lost in translation, some are screaming at you and some are whispering but please, please, never let it fade away.



High Fives Forever; Eulalia Tan