Hey readers,
Today I’m writing to tell you about something that really touched my heart.

A friend of mine with her sister has started up a charity named I AM THE FUTURE OF NIGERIA and it is one of the single most amazing things I have witnessed from someone so young and yet so mature.


The charity seeks to empower the youths of Nigeria and ensure that they get the future that the youths of the first world so gracefully take for granted. Renée Okocha and Zara Okocha are young authors, illustrators and the founders of the organization. And they are not passive hypocrites throwing money at the situation. No. Together they visited the IDP camp in Abuja (Internationally Displaced Person’s Camp)… you know the place that is dealing with awful situations like Boko Haram (that terrible happening that everyone forgot when it went out of fashon to care).

The Okocha sisters visited the Children’s Abandoned Home in Enugu and have speeches at the First Lady of Enugu’s school project. And they didn’t just stand there and talk. They donated. A sign of a charity that is worth supporting is one where the founders themselves are getting their hands dirty for the good of the world.

Their Book-A-Shelf initiative aims to inspire youths to write stories for children in need of books. These books go straight to the shelves of the schools and communities of the low income areas.

I call now to young black youths especially. Think about how people view our beautiful continent; a place of poverty and despair. You know this is not always the case  you know. You don’t have to be Nigerian to support this charity. I’m not Nigerian, but you know what I  am?  I am a black individual saddened by the extremity of the lack of respect the rest of the world has for our beautiful continent. So don’t stand there in sadness, smile and help make a difference. See what you can do to help.

Again, http://www.iamthefutureofnigeria.com 

Watch the inspirational videos of young intelligent Nigerian youths or at least spread the message and repost


Phone +447912944085 for more information

With 1100 copies already published,  don’t let this stop. Let it grow.

High Fives Forever; Eulalia Tan